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Rides & Prices

Rides up to 6 hours
We ride through Ibiza's mountain world or visit some beach in the north.
One day's ride, food incl.; approx. 5 hours ... 195.00 €

The Horse Experience (for individuals- beginners and persons which problematic experiences) NEW!!!
We want to help to create a peaceful and harmonious introduction or re-entry. The contact with the horse (from the ground) is at least as important to us as riding, so we give an introduction to the horse - with cleaning, communication with the horse (based on natural horsemanship)
A mini lesson and a hack as highlight (total time about 3 hours) ... 95.00 €

For more offers in the field of Natural horsemanship or horse- assisted personality development, please visit Horse Experience Ibiza.

Wednesday & Saturday group for advanced riders *special price* 01.11., 31.03.
 Various tours in our beautiful mountains for advanced riders (confident in walk, trot and canter). Booking at least 10 days in advance. Payment required at booking! Price is based on 37.50  € per hour.
Tours from 1 h 15 min to 3 hours, 3 to 5 participants.
More details and times on request.

Long weekend with horses
Enjoy Ibiza's beauty from an extraordinary perspective. Usually, arrival is on friday. Saturday and sunday we will spend on horseback, high in the mountains or on a trek to the beach. 2 days of riding, food on the rides incl., 3 days of accommodation at our finca or at a nice place close by. The program “Long weekend with horses” can also start on other days.
2 days of riding, food on the rides incl., 3 days of accommodation ... from 500.00 €

Ask for your personal, individually designed horse riding event!

Beach rides are only possible from 15th of November to 15th of February, we hope for your understanding !!!

* All prices are per person. Rides with 2 and more participants we organize as private tours. Private tours for individuals are available at an extra charge; we can accept one beginner on private rides.
* We recommend to book at least 7 days in advance. Long weekend with horses should be booked 4 weeks in advance . 50 % of the price are to be paid at the time your booking is confirmed.

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