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Unique rides in the wild, wonderful north of the island on happy, healthy horses

We run small stables, located in the mountains between Sant Joan and Portinatx, in the middle of one of Ibiza's wildest and most beautiful natural protected areas. Our rides lead through an alpine and wildly romantic scenery, which is rounded off by a spectacular view over the Sea.

Our horses are Spanish and Portuguese breed. They are calm and reliable partners but at the same time vivid and motivated so that our guests will enjoy an entertaining ride. We ride in English or Portuguese saddles.

We are committed to treating our horses with the utmost love and respect, a sentiment we also would like to convey to our guests. It is important to us that a relationship between horse and rider is created. So we first brush the horses and get to know them a little. We want the horse ride to be a relaxed and beautiful experience for both horse and rider.

Most of our horses are more than 20 years old and so we only can offer a small but fine selection of tours. We organize private tours for individuals or up to 3 persons and group rides for up to 3 and exceptionally 4 guests; always with a guide. This gives us the possibility of reaching out to all our riders and tailoring the rides to their wishes and skills.


The year 2020 has probably surprised everyone. Also due to the corona situation our horses no longer can support themselves. To be able to ensure the existence my horses during these times, we are dependent on the help of the ones, who were luckier than we were.
Every Euro helps most important for food, but also for the dentist which is needed for Tella and Lilith, the annual vaccinations are coming, farrier and a thousand other small things ...

If YOU like to help US, you can follow the link below and make a donation ...

If you have any questions or if you would prefer to make donations in kind, please do not hesitate to write or call me!
(+34 - 669 604 083)

The horses & Rumana

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