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Private/individual horse(riding) experiences (by arrangement)***

Mountain Magic**
An excursion with fantastic views over the island and the Sea!
1.5 hours excursion ... 110.00 €*

The beauty of the north**
Roundtrip on winding paths through the mountain world, past the bay of Ses Caletas and with a touch of the unspoiled old Ibiza with fields of almond, olive and fig trees and ancient fincas.
1.5 hours excursion... 110.00 €*

The Horse Experience** (for 1 or 2 beginners and persons which problematic experiences (here only individuals)
We want to help to create a peaceful and harmonious introduction or re-entry. Spending time by the side of the horse, being at ease and comfortable with them is the first goal.. We invite you to a HORSE EXPERIENCE with us. A relaxing morning or afternoon with our herd. Including a comprehensive introduction: cleaning, communication with the horse (based on natural horsemanship), mini riding lesson or a small ride (total time about 2 hours) ... 125.00 €

The INDIVIDUAL Horse (Riding) Experience (1 Person advanced or beginner)
You prefer an absolute unique experience, where you can enjoy your personal time spend time with the horses no time pressure, with your personal guide and the best possible horse partner for you- as always we start spending time by the side of the horse, brushing them together. A relaxing morning or afternoon. For beginners this includes a comprehensive introduction: cleaning and a basic introduction into horse riding (total time about 2.5 hours – riding time is 1.5 hours (“Mountain Magic” or “The beauty of the North”) ... 145.00 €

Regaining trust in horses and in horse riding
A healing experience for people, who feel discomfort and fear around horses or when riding them, inherited or through bad experiences. We offer a safe framework to deal with these feelings and to leave old fears behind. This is about horses and self-awareness or personal development; a certified psychological counsellor will guide you through the experience with the support of the horses.
The experience consists of 3 parts. A preliminary talk (approx. 30 - 45 min), video call or in person, a session with our horses (approx. 2 hours, riding or not, depends on previous history or the topic we chose) and a final talk (approx. 45 min - 1h), in person or via video call, more details on request … 225.00 €.

For more offers in the field of Natural horsemanship, healing with horses or horse- assisted personality development, please visit Horse Experience Ibiza.

Ask for your personal, individually designed horse riding event!

*     Prices are per person (except “Sunset Charme) The prices for private tours are for 2 or more participants. Those individuals who want to ride all by themselves can book “the individual horse riding experience”.

**   Rides for beginners only as part of the private tours, for 2 beginners we ride with an extra guide, for this we charge a flat fee of € 40 - we can take a maximum of 2 beginners on one ride.

*** We recommend to book at least 10 days in advance. 50 % of the price are to be paid at the time your booking is confirmed.

Discount for residents is possible, if they are advanced horse riders and IF the discount is NEEDED; just ask…

Because of the legal situation BEACH RIDES are NOT POSSIBLE anymore, we hope for your understanding !!!
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