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Private/Individual tours (Wednesdays or Fridays by arrangement)

Mountain Magic**
An excursion with fantastic views over the island and the Sea!
1.5 hours excursion ... 80.00 €*

The beauty of the north**
Roundtrip on winding paths through the mountain world, past the bay of Ses Caletas and with a touch of the unspoiled old Ibiza with fields of almond, olive and fig trees and ancient fincas.
1.5 hours excursion... 80.00 €*

Sunset Charme with picnic for 2 persons
An excursion with fantastic views over the island and the Sea. With romantic champagne picnic; riding time app. 1.5 hours;
With champagne picnic (only in the summer months)  ... 290.00 €

The Horse Experience** (for 1 or 2 beginners and persons which problematic experiences (here only individuals)
We want to help to create a peaceful and harmonious introduction or re-entry. Spending time by the side of the horse, being at ease and comfortable with them is the first goal.. We invite you to a HORSE EXPERIENCE with us. A relaxing morning or afternoon with our herd. Including a comprehensive introduction: cleaning, communication with the horse (based on natural horsemanship), mini riding lesson or a small ride (total time about 2 hours) ... 90.00 €

For more offers in the field of Natural horsemanship, healing with horses or horse- assisted personality development, please visit Horse Experience Ibiza.

Ask for your personal, individually designed horse riding event!

* All prices are per person. Private tours for individuals are available at an extra charge.

** Rides for beginners only as part of the private tours, for 2 beginners we ride with an extra guide, for this we charge a flat fee of € 40 - we can take a maximum of 2 beginners on one ride.

*** We recommend to book at least 7 days in advance. 50 % of the price are to be paid at the time your booking is confirmed.

Discount for residents is possible, if they are advanced horse riders and IF the discount is NEEDED; just ask…

Because of the legal situation BEACH RIDES are NOT POSSIBLE anymore, we hope for your understanding !!!

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