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Horse girls delight
my other projects and a little selection of what makes me happy on Ibiza apart from horses ...
Horse Experience Ibiza
Offers various types of unique horse and self-experiences. Interacting with horses in a beautiful and peaceful setting surrounded by almost untouched nature and wildly romantic scenery. In all our projects, we focus on horses as our partner and individual beings with great intuitive knowledge and high emotional intelligence, and also on connecting and re-connecting with nature.

Elizabeth's paintings serve to suggest another way of seeing and engaging with the natural world; she makes pigment with earth, plants and minerals, using ancient techniques, which become a part of the creation. Painting is the final act, an expression of the material that evades other means of definition. Elizabeth lives and works on Ibiza, and quite literally, the island is part of her art.

The other passion in my life are cats; C4C took it on to “to neuter & care for Ibiza's abandoned, stray & wild cats - controlling & caring for Ibiza's many cat colonies” and also finding new homes for them, so if you feel like helping with a donation or maybe look to adopt a cat follow the link ...

Daline Fitness
EMS at its best – staying fit in no time. My way to work out my whole body, efficiently and with fun - aside from my busy riding days.

Very special souvenirs to our beautiful island and many other small works of art.
At purchase over us 5% of the purchase price will be donated to the animal protection in Ibiza.

Ibiza Events Calendar is the new way to discover what's on in Ibiza. Search the calendar and find out things to do that match your passions. From horse riding and yoga classes to clubbing and retreats. Finally, one place to keep on top of events and activities in Ibiza.

Hope 4 Horses Rehabilitation of traumatized horses (coming soon)
Hope4Horses is our latest project; we want to help traumatized horses heal so that they are ready for a new, good home; with their ONE person, a person who makes them just as happy as they make him or her happy. If you would like to BE A PART of it, or SUPPORT THIS please CONTACT US

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