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What you should know about horse riding as a beginner!

We consider as beginners all those who have ridden less than 10 to 20 times (depending on the individual), who canNOT control a horse in walking, trotting and cantering. Here we look forward to details about your horse riding history in order to provide you with the ideal support. Anyone who takes beginners on horseback rides bears a great responsibility. We are happy to meet people who want to discover nature on horseback or always wanted to ride, to fulfill this dream. To make your horse ride a relaxed and safe experience, we have set up the following guide lines:

Beginners can only participate in private tours and we do not accept underage beginners. We can take at most one to two beginners on a ride. For two beginners we ask an additional fee of 20.00 € per hour, of which a second guide is paid. For organizational reasons we recommend for two beginners at least one week to book at least two weeks in advance in the high season. Please note that our  weight limits  must be complied with.

Good tours for beginners

Mountain Magic / Sunset Charme
An excursion with fantastic views over the island and the Sea! As a champagne sunset picnic possible! About 1h 15 min riding time
Mountain Magic (all year around) ... 55.00 €
Mountain Magic or Sunset Charme with picnic (only in the summer months) ... 90.00 €

The beauty of the North
Roundtrip on winding paths through the mountain world, past the bay of Ses Caletas and with a touch of the unspoiled old Ibiza with fields of almond, olive and fig trees and ancient fincas as a 1.5 or 2 hours tour possible!
1.5 hours excursion ... 65.00 €
2 hours excursion ... 80.00 €

The Horse Experience (for individuals- beginners or people with traumatic previous experiences) NEW!!!
We want to help to create a peaceful and harmonious introduction or re-entry. The contact with the horse (from the ground) is at least as important to us as riding is, so we give a profound basic introduction for the horse loving novices - including cleaning, communication with the horse (based on natural horsemanship), a mini lesson and a hack as highlight ... 95.00€

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